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Ξ  Donna

Research shows that 80% of middle age adults feel they are not living to their full potential. Donna wants to change this for you. She teaches the simple steps you can take every day, right in the midst of your full life, to live with energy, vitality and wellness. These tools help you age better, feel better and BE better. Donna will empower you to live to your fullest potential while staying as young as possible.

Try something new

Every time I go to the grocery store I park in the same place.  I mean the same place for about 20 years. It's just a habit I don't even think about. Last week I got totally silly and parked on the other side of the store, I couldn't even see the place where I usually...

Soul on calendar

Have you noticed yourself holding, holding, holding?  The holiday season can be filled with breath holding (until you feel you'll explode?) or a lot of forceful exhalations (so you don't actually explode?).  Here's a super quick fix for the hyper-frazzle of December...

I’m not an athelete

It was an epic adventure race...all the elites had been in for hours when the very last group dragged their weary selves through the finish.  They didn't have the typical bodies of an endurance racer. It took them many more hours to finish than the others. Yet, they...

Friends for a reason

Aren't those old sayings something else?  Those words that your Mom or Grandma used to say that got dismissed as ridiculous, then as you move through life you realize it's the opposite - they nailed it.  I've been thinking about one of them lately:   There...

A Few Words

from Dr. Donna

“Over the past two decades of clinical practice I have had the opportunity to get up close and personal with thousands of people.   One of the things I have seen over and over is how differently people move through their life as they get older.  Some fully embrace being ‘old’, by that I mean they blame every ache and pain on their age as well as their chronic irritability.  Other patients are complete rock stars both in their activity level and their attitude. I have seen many examples of very vibrant aging and I ‘ve seen the opposite.  This led to me to look deep into the research around longevity and well – being.  I have spent many years learning how we can become functionally younger and avoid many of the ‘normal problems’ associated with aging.  The research demonstrates that the daily steps we need to take ensure a vibrant life as we get older are the same steps that will help us to feel happier.  I find this information fascinating as it allows us to be in control of ourselves as we move through our life. I love sharing this info with my audiences when I speak. “

 ~ Donna

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