Every year I start a new journal. While I love this process it is daunting every single time, it never gets easier. I look at the empty pages of the beautiful journal I have chosen for the year and deep inside I wonder what will fill those pages? Will it be more of the same or will I have the courage to move out of my comfort zone and into my true sense of self?

As the years go on I am finally starting to see what elevates me to do my best work and what drags me down. Many of the things that I love also keep me very firmly in my comfort zone. These are the activities that put the big stop sign on my highest calling and trigger serious self doubt. For me these things have specific names like wine (dumbs me down and steals my motivation), house porn aka: home decor magazines (brings out my “I am not good enough” gremlin in full force), shopping or ogling someone else’s stuff and wanting similar for myself (big ass energy drain to say the least). Right now I feel a pull toward my greatest potential and personal growth, I want to bring my whole self to the game. It’s not easy showing up as your whole self, in fact I find at this stage of my life some days I don’t even know who my whole self is! I have a strategy for the coming year to be able to show up more fully. I am committing to not buying any stuff for myself in order to open up that mental space for better thoughts and information, as well as a year of less wine to open myself to increased clarity and forward momentum.

Intention and a lot of busy action without having a strategy may simply result in distraction. Many people are very busy without any actual meaning. How about you? Take a look at your plans for the coming year and make sure you give those plans some clarity and a realistic strategy. Add some traction to them…otherwise they become a statistic. Gone by the end of January!

You, my friend, can do much better than that.

Until next time…Be Bright,


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