I’m an all or nothing kind of gal and sometimes it drives my ‘everything in moderation’ husband nuts! I usually need to completely and wholeheartedly change something all at once rather than take the gradual approach.  Knowing this about myself helps me manage life changes I want to make.
Know thy self!  Self knowledge will help you develop a strategy to manage temptation.


At the start of the new year you may have decided on a change you wanted to make. You want to up your game, right?  Awesome.  You might increase your chance of success if you do a self inventory about how you operate.  Do you feel your best making slow gradual changes?  Or will you have better follow through if you jump in fully with both feet? Either way works…but what works best for you? Nailing this down will increase your chance of successfully creating change this year.

This info comes with a few caveats: regardless of your operating system I don’t usually recommend the ‘all or nothing’ approach to get off caffeine.  I’ve tried it and it gets ugly. Best to taper!  And getting of medication definitely requires medical supervision.
If your best bud is navigating change in a way that seems foreign to you keep in mind that there is no right way and support her through it.    She’s got this…her way.  And you’ve got it too.  Please pass this on to her!
Until next time …
Be Bright,

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