At the end of life, most people regret not having had the courage to be true to themselves. It’s an astounding thought that leaves me shaking in my boots.  A  life well lived, that reflects who you genuinely are is an act of bravery.  Being crazy scared and doing it anyway.  That’s what it takes to be true to yourself

As we get older and more established in our life we are able to take on more of everything…stuff, obligations, activities of daily living. Gradually more things get packed into our daily life and we end up spread too thin. But the interests we take on often don’t feed our fire and nurture our soul.  We stop being true to our self because we don’t know what that looks like.

It’s not too late for you to take a brave stance this year!  Finish out the year feeling like you’re on your game so you are excited about what lies ahead.

1.  Breathe.  Corny but true.  Breathe again, can’t be said enough.

2.  Ask yourself what it will take to live a life of meaning and purpose?  (Note that this might not initially ‘feel’ good to you, be brave and remember most people don’t live a life that is true to their deepest self because it’s hard!).

3.  Write down 1-3 action steps you can take in January to move in the right direction?  Go with the first steps that show up in your mind.

4.  What did you accomplish in 2015?   Make a list.

Health, relationships, your spiritual life, work, finance, creativity…what’d ya do? Write it down and pat yourself of the back. Wahoo, good job Girlfriend!  Own that stuff and know that you are a gal who gets things done.

You are a beautiful and amazing person with so much to offer the world.  Do it, get your mojo on so you can show up as your true self because we all need you!  2016 is your year so get ready.  Please share this blog with your bestie, your Mom or anyone else you love so she can join our clan and until next time…

Be Bright,