Living a full life often means fitting things between the cracks.  The thing that we are passionate about and brings us joy gets stuffed between doing the laundry and being a chauffeur. Do you ever feel like you’re not able to gain any traction because you are stuck in the dailies, the mundane tasks that keep life ticking along? I sure do…it’s how I roll right now!

Even if the thing you love  has to be done in snippets, with a few minutes here and there, it still has meaning and will pay off over time. Research shows that exercising in ten minute increments throughout your day is still highly effective and the same goes for doing your  ‘special thing’.

My ‘special thing’, my dream and passion, is to lead a thriving, growing, online community of kick ass women who want the newest research on how to increase their well being, age with greatness and live fully.   And you are here with me in the early days and I am very grateful. The thing is…I thought I would be much farther along by now! I’m fitting my passion and dream, this work I do, into the cracks of an already full life and inch by inch I am making progress. I mean look, you’re here reading this.

We are all working to fit our desires into our full lives.  Take it one step at a time and don’t compare yourself to anyone else’s schedule. Ten minutes here and there add up.  And thanks for being here with me!

Until next time…
Be Bright,