I’m curious if the people closest to you know your deepest desires, what is most important to you?  Are you keeping it real or choosing silence? Talking about our very biggest dream makes us feel so flipping vulnerable, it’s scary biz.  So we lock it away, keep it our own safe, little secret. And what happens?  Nothing, nada.  We stay the same week after week and most often that desire stays the same too, a wisp of a dream living in the imagination.

Here’s the deal…with the silence comes suffering.  The suffering of your soul.  A feeling of being misunderstood.  When you talk about what is truly important to you, your strengths and passions, magical things will happen.  As soon as you say it out loud you will be able to feel if it’s right or wrong.  You will feel better and get excited or realize it’s not right.  But if you never test the waters you will never know.  You know…KNOW. Talking out loud about your big-league stuff starts the journey toward its existence.

Here’s the first step:  be brave, open up and have a conversation.  You can even start with someone you don’t know very well, just drop it in while you’re chatting simply because it’s practice.  Or if that’s too hard at least start by writing it down.  Keep practicing to be authentic (yes, an overused but still very meaningful word) about your significant stuff.  I like that line…be authentic about your significant stuff.  Own it, be brave, practice talking about it because it gets you one step closer.

Until next time…

Be Bright,