You know that body part we all have? The one we really have trouble embracing? Mine is the dark circles under my eyes. They make me look tired and run down. So, I put on my mask which consists of eyeglasses (which I love) and makeup (which I love much less). In the past, I would rarely go out without my glasses as they were my safety blanket. You see, the esteemed Mr. Webster (the dictionary dude) defines a mask as a covering for our face that is worn to conceal our identity. Whoa, that’s me!  But I am becoming braver. I live in a very small town, so wherever I go I know most everyone and my new courageous self is showing up in ways that would have completely horrified my old self! No makeup, no glasses. This is big for me, even if it’s only on my way to and from the gym. So here’s what I have heard recently wandering the streets of my hood…”Oh wow, you are a woman of many faces!” (I loved that one, it was said with complete kindness and possible astonishment) and “I almost didn’t recognize you without your glasses”, to which I wanted to reply, “I know, right?  They work!” My inner Goddess had to fight to not interpret these words as ‘you look like shit’. Guess what…after all these years I did it!  My interpretation is I AM SO FRICKING BRAVE to show up in my small town au naturel when it makes me uncomfortable.

I am working on getting totally comfortable in my own skin, dark circles and all.  How about you?  How do you need to be brave in your daily life? Show up there, one small step at a time. Earn the respect of your inner self!

Hey, sweetie can you do me a favor?  Please share this blog post far and wide!  I want to build our tribe of like-minded, life-loving women and you can really help me out.

Until next time remember that we are all in this boat together and as always,

Be Bright,