Man, there’s nothing like a fresh start. Don’t you just it love it. The chance to live your life differently?

The school I went to for my chiropractic degree ran on a quarterly system.  Being from Canada this was very strange at first but once I left I really missed it because every three months I started over.  New classes, new teachers.  Once I was in private practice there were no more do-overs. It was like…holy shit, this is IT! I don’t get to start again. PANIC. Thankfully I have learned there are many opportunities to start again, the fall season is one. There are many reasons to feel like it’s a new beginning in the fall:  different clothes, kids leaving home or heading to school, a resurgence of your routine, a feeling of time moving differently than it does in the summer. Even if it’s simply that fall is your fav season and you get to change your throw pillows use this awesome time to regroup.

Here’s a trick that works for me (warning for you interior design aficionados-this has nothing to do with throw pillows because mine gathers dust all year long). Start by choosing one thing and DO IT. Even if your kids just started kindergarten and you feel like you won the time lottery don’t decide to overhaul your entire life. Pick one thing and make sure you move in that direction a little bit every day. After a couple weeks move on to the next thing. It’s called a ‘small win’ – a modest behavior change that can set off a chain reaction of more and better changes. This concept comes from Charles Duhigg’s excellent book The Power of Habits. Small wins set us up for great life changes because when we achieve success with a small goal it will strengthen the “I am a kick-ass, lifestyle-changing Goddess” pathway in our brain and Baby, who doesn’t want to be rocking some of that?

If you start now, making your small autumn changes, imagine your new self when the New Year rolls around! Wahoo! You can do this, one baby step at a time.

As always,


PS: Gotta say, I really love hearing from you!  It keeps my light shining and is the whole reason I do this work.  Leave a comment below so we can touch base.  Also, I love it when you share the love and bring your buddies on board too. xoxo

It seems like fall makes most of us feel that way so let’s be aware of what we are doing and rock that thing…that fresh beginning.