Have you ever done it in the middle of a big social event?  Have you ever done it at the kitchen sink?  Have you ever done it in the car with kids in the back seat?  Girlfriend, get your mind out of the gutter!  I’m talking about that BIG HEAVY SIGH. The one that’s a cross between a groan, a sigh and a sob.  You know – it signals you’re at the end of your rope.  One small straw away from snapping.  I want you to do yourself a favor and start examining that BIG HEAVY SIGH.

What’s really going on there?

In your mind you’re thinking “I’m sooooo done with this shit”.  But actually your higher self, the ass-kicking Goddess that you really are, is stooping low.  Very low.  She is choosing to be a victim. That sigh only escapes when we feel like other peeps or life in general has done something TO us.  So we choose to be “so hard done by”, woe is me … all of this is just tooo much for this little princess.  This is a dangerous slippery slope that you, Dearest, are not worthy of. Ditch that BIG HEAVY SIGH as it is not serving you well.  And when one does slip out use it as a call for action to change your mindset. You are a Gorgeous Being and you can take responsibility for your own Happiness.  Are you a victim or a victor? Playing the victim is a fast track to feeling miserable.  Nobody wins with shaming, blaming or complaining.

When you’re in this mindset and need a shift try these three things. I know they sound corny but it works!

1.  Shout a very nasty swear word in your head.
2.  Breathe deeply three times.
3.  Focus on one thing you are truly thankful for.  Ideally it would be about that person or situation that’s making you crazy, but if that’s just too hard right now then go with anything.

Then move on Baby!  You’ve got better things to do than carry around that chip on your shoulder.

If you know someone who could use this info I’d love for you to share with them!

Until next time ….
Be Bright,