That growth thing is a bitch!  You know, two steps forward, one step back. Sometimes seems to be a gigantic step baaaaaack.  And that backwardness (yep, made that word up myself) seems so much bigger when we feel like we are alone. Everyone else has it together except you, right?  No. They. Don’t.  We are all in the same boat, sometimes paddling upstream.  Your sista living across the street from you, or sitting in the next cubicle…she is dealing with stuff just like you and me.  Here’s the tricky bit that we all hate – it’s the STUFF that makes us grow.  Damn. That hard work of life is where you have an opportunity to shine, yet so many turtle, worry and stay stuck.

Here are some suggestions for when life feels really hard:

1.  Take a deep breath.  If that doesn’t work a good little tool is to take about ten steps and do forceful little exhales (kinda like when you’re in labor).  Surprisingly effective for releasing tense energy, best done in private so people don’t think you’re nuts.

2.  Say out loud “I’ve got this!”.  The louder the better but it works even if done silently in your head.  Because you CAN do this hard thing, I know this because you have done many other challenging things.

3.  Plan your next step.  Do not look ahead at the end of the road. or the light you cannot see because you will panic.  Simply consider your next step then do that.  Be proud of yourself for taking that step.  Now figure out what you need to do next.  One thing at time girl, that’s how you’ll get through.

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Until then,

Be Bright,