Dirty Dozen circa 1995

I truly value connecting with other women and am fortunate that both of my chosen career paths allow me to do that on a deep level.  I go to an even deeper level (kinda like ‘bottom of the ocean’ level) with my old besties.  These wonders of human nature have been with me for, um…like 47 years.  But who’s counting, really?  That number simply makes me feel even more blessed.  You know the saying ‘chosen family’?  They are my chosen sisters – the Dirty Dozen (yep, we picked that name back in the day and it still rocks!).  The feeling I get when I am with them cannot be topped, it doesn’t matter if we are celebrating or grieving, we are better together.  It is an indescribable bond.  They are my PEOPLE.

Belonging to a tribe, knowing your people, or your person is very important.  As we get older social connection has been shown to be a cornerstone to living a full, vibrant life.  But maybe you prefer to be alone?  Listen Honey, I get it.  I totally understand wanting to be alone, staying at home.   But you must make an effort.  Your life literally depends on it.  Sometimes you need to put on some lipstick and get the hell out of the house.  Go find some people.  If you feel like you don’t have a tribe start to make one.  Show up at stuff in your hood, go to church, yoga, a running group, volunteer.

Completely strapped for time?  That’s what technology is for…go ahead and text your pal out of the blue.  Looking for a group…Facebook has thousands of amazing groups.  Techno connection is not the same as a personal connection but it is better than none at all.  Start somewhere, nurture a bond and it will grow.

I am heading off for a milestone celebration with the DD very soon.  My soul will be filled to overflowing, I will laugh like a kid a million times, I will be the silliest of the silly, I will cry like my heart will break.  They will hold me.  They will walk with me.  They are my people.  I am so lucky. I truly wish the same for you.  Now go find your tribe – you need them.

Until next time Baby……

Be Bright,