One of the best performing online posts of 2016 cracks me up…”Intelligent people tend to be messy, stay awake longer and swear more.” HAHA! It’s a great little article, you can check it out HERE.

I laugh because we can find research to support pretty much everything. For years this made me somewhat of a science skeptic, which was unfortunate because, being in healthcare, I have a science background. However, I’ve come to see the tremendous value of good quality research. I remember scoffing when I first read the work showing inflammation of our gums was a risk factor for heart disease.  I thought, “What the hell, where do they even get these ideas?  Who would even think of studying something like that?”  Beware the skeptic right?  Open your mind.  These initial studies laid the foundation for the fundamental way we now look at almost all disease…inflammation is the root cause. (Here is more research if you’re interested).

The holiday season can be an inflammatory freight train.  Don’t roll your eyes Girlfriend, I urge you to take care!


1.  Avoid the sugar.  Just don’t even start, makes it much easier.
2.  Beware the processed garbage…turkey and veg is perfection, brightly colored candies are deadly.
3.  Water is your friend (OK it doesn’t actually do anything for inflammation but it helps your body function better generally).

4.  Go easy on the alcohol.  (I know, I’m not one to talk in this department but I gotta tell you it contributes to making our body sick if you have too much, and I don’t just mean hungover).

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Until next time my friend,
Be Bright,