Whatever your heart desires – that’s what I wish for you this year! Yes, I do and I wish I could just sneak into your amazing life and make it all come true.  Sadly, I can’t do that but YOU CAN!  You would not believe what you have the ability to make happen in your life.  As you are contemplating how you want this year to unfold here are a couple of simple suggestions:

1.  Know exactly what you want to happen.  IT must be soul-wrenching and real. IT needs to be enough to get you up on a winter morning.  “I need to lost 10 pounds” really won’t cut it and you’ll be done before you start.  Spend some time with your gorgeous self to get really clear on what is important to you. Less is more. The fewer things you decide to take on or change the greater the chance of success.  When you are putting your attention on one really specific thing you can have laser Wonder Woman-like focus on it. You ARE a Wonder Woman and you need to know that it’s OK to change your mind. If you said you were going to work on one thing on New Year’s Eve but it’s just not sitting right with you now…change it.  Your choice.

2.  Pare it down to the fewest, most simple steps. Then take one baby step every day to move in the right direction.  Yep, laser focus one step at a time.

I have a great many wishes for you this year.  The main one is that you feel you are living your greatest potential (research shows that 80% of adults in midlife feel they are not reaching their full potential – wowza!  Please don’t let that be you, my Dear Friend).

Here’s is a little video for another wish I have for you.

One of my wishes for you this year!
One of my wishes for you this year!

CLICK HERE for the link to the Academy if you’re interested.  Many of you are already on board (thank you, I’m very excited) and it’s going to be awesome!!

One last suggestion about that THING you are wanting to change… it’s going to require you to get uncomfortable.  You need to step out of the box to be truly successful.  If you don’t move into the discomfort everything will stay the same. I know you can do it! Message me or hop over to my Facebook page and tell me all about what’s up for you.

We are going to make IT happen this year…together.

Until next time,
Be Bright,