Isn’t it astounding the things we do to ourselves sometimes?   What I’m talking about is how we let our good habits slide when life is stressful or we have more going on than usual.  Such a bummer and it can be sooo frustrating.  Recently I have allowed that to happen.

I have been extra busy running The BETTER Life Academy which just wound up. That is why you haven’t heard from me in a while – I’ve been over there with those fab souls rocking and rolling.  I loved it. At the same time, regular life was happening filled with many intense situations requiring a ton of mental energy. I started to let things slide while I was so busy and now it’s time to pick up the pieces.  Just in case this has ever happened to you I’ll share my tips for regrouping afterlife goes sideways!

Here is a mini list of things we do that can derail our best intentions:

**eat too much garbage ‘comfort food’, especially in the form of sugar or carbs,
**seriously load up on caffeine,
**stay up too late usually surfing something to take our mind off our busy life,
**stop exercising,
**drink too much,
**either isolate ourselves or go out way too much,
**increase anxiety by fixating on small things,
**eat too much cheese (haha, that’s one of mine!).

If this list looks familiar you are not alone and it’s time to take some action Baby! Here’s what you can do to get out of this mess:

1.   Decide to draw the line.  Simply state to yourself that you are DONE with this behavior.

2.   Choose one thing that you are going to work on so you can feel better about yourself.  I would suggest it be the thing that is going to move the needle of your life forward the most. Deciding you are going to stop worrying about little things, for example, is very tricky. But if you simply go to bed earlier and feel more rested or you get some exercise you will naturally broaden your perspective and decrease your worry.  The changes that will give you the biggest bang for your buck, help you to feel better much faster, are getting the right amount of sleep for you, exercising and cutting out the sugar.  Pick ONE.  I’m going with the sugar.

3.   Get a realistic plan.  It can be elaborate or as simple as reminding yourself the night before and as soon as you get up exactly what thing you’re going to do today to feel better.

4.   Then just do it.

You are beautiful inside, no matter what crap you’re putting yourself through.  Don’t berate yourself –
we all slide backward now and then.  But now it’s time to stop.  So, I’ll see you on the other side!

Until next time…
Be Bright,

PS:  You will honestly feel better within two days of cutting out sugar or going to bed early!