I just cut my hair really short.  Wahoo, yippee!  I have had long-for-me hair and have been waiting for the weather to warm up enough to chop it off. This is one of the ways I start over and it’s very refreshing.  You hear the cliche ‘spring = new beginnings” every time the grass starts to get green because it’s a true Girlfriend!  This is your time to start anew.  To do that maybe you need to shed something.  What’ll it be?  Hair, emotional baggage, a bad job, clothes you are holding on to that no longer fit?  Go big or go small but I urge you to make a change that will lighten your load.
OLD Style
New HAIR!!
Spring can be a totally nutty time of year where the days are jammed full.  Sometimes it can make Christmas look relaxing! When we’re going through a time like that it’s extra important that we implement something, anything, so we don’t lose sight of ourselves. You get so busy that you forget who you are. Oh yeah Baby, I sure as heck know how that feels.  Tax season, kids/grandkids sporting events, a house full of winter stuff, yard work, volunteer work…whew.  Stop right this VERY SECOND and take three breaths.  Your beautiful, shining self is in there, amidst the chaos. What step you can take to bring her back to the light to start over…even if it’s simply a pedicure? When we feel tired and overwhelmed it’s usually because our spirit is starved and our inner essence is totally neglected.  Even a brief glance her way will make you feel better.  What to do about it Get rid of something that is weighing you down.
Here’s another lesson I’ve learned while quickly going from longish to short hair, something I have done many times.  The only approval you need is your own (of course this isn’t all about the hair!).  If you like it you’re golden.  If you don’t like it you probably won’t – no matter how many people tell you it’s great. You are the boss of you. Every. Single. Time.
Onward Gorgeous Babydoll, spring has sprung!
We are all in this together and until next time,
Be Bright,