Have you ever heard someone say “she’s really let herself go”?  What the heck is that all about?  I’ve been thinking and the phrase seems to carry different meanings.  We let ourselves ‘go’ for many reasons, things like

*we no longer recognize the true essence of who we are;
*our priorities are scrambled;
*we spend so much time looking after other people’s stuff we think we ‘need’ a treat in the form of chocolate, wine or anything else resembling a carbohydrate and we do it repeatedly;
*we’ve forgotten how to move unless we’re chasing something – time, kids, a promotion, a lover;
*we feel beaten;
*it just feels like it’s all tooooo much;
*and the most important reason… because we WANT to!

Sometimes we stop looking after ourselves.  Anyone?  Dental Checkup? Who has time for that?  I’ll just eat this jelly donut instead.  Massage, mascara or movement?  Foreign, every one of them.  Here’s the thing about letting go – give it your attention because it’s screaming at you.  In that place there is a message, it is your barometer, and you may need to read between the lines. This conversation is about SELF image.  Do you love what you’re seeing and who you are?  Or do you feel like crap because life got in the way?

Here’s the very short version of my recent story:  shoulder injury this spring = no work out + very busy/stressful time of life + chose a ‘treat’ far too many times (my treat of choice is always wine) =weight gain, exhaustion, extreme negative mindset and not doing the things I love.  Bad. Scene. Baby.

These are my words to me and you, my dear friend.  It won’t last.  This thing that you’re going through will pass, it’s simply a blip.  You will heal or adapt to living with it. You will make up with her or move on with a lesson. You will pass the exam or not, and then figure it out. You will sell the manuscript or rewrite it and try again. He will leave or you will leave. You will sell the house.  You will get a job. And here’s mine…you will start writing again (if you’re reading this you know I did!).

Pay attention to where you’re letting yourself down or if you’re letting yourself go. Let it percolate around in your head. Do you need to buy some mascara and actually use it or maybe you need to develop a more long-term plan for change?  One thing I know for sure if you absolutely deserve it.  You deserve to show up as THE best you. If you’re letting yourself go for the greatest reason of all…because you WANT to if it’s the best thing for you, applause!! You are an inspiration to us all, please keep going!

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Until next time …
Be Bright,