Here is a Secret-of-Adulthood that I believe to be true… most grown ups have lost their maxi.  The ability to hit maximum output on something important to them. I can see you rolling your eyes and thinking OMG is she serious…I am running from morning until night full steam.   Girlfriend, I am not taking about getting the dishes done or the hum drum. I mean pushing your envelope, trying your very hardest to accomplish something you are deeply interested in. Little kids are constantly pushing to their top rung, it’s a natural part of growth as a human being.  It expands you. As an adult pushing our maximum to achieve an outcome we desire may be a skill we need to relearn.   You accomplish that simply by doing it.  Whether it’s by lifting more weight, sitting in silence for 5 more minutes or biting your tongue (again) to improve your relationship.



Max output does not mean you need to take on more tasks and make yourself more exhausted.  It means we need to take a solid look at our lives and ask if you are truly giving it all to that thing that is really important to you. In the book Living with a Seal (CLICK HERE or the best description I could find) author Jesse Itzler invites a Navy Seal to live with him to improve his life. The Seal teaches that whatever you think you can do…you can actually do 40% more.  Forty percent.  That really stuck with me.  I have found this to be very valuable in every aspect of my daily life.  Everything from lifting weights to fitting in daily tasks.


Show up fully in the life you have chosen.  If you’re currently stuck in a place you don’t love then show up fully there…give 40% more and you’ll start to shift out of that place. Getting in the habit of pushing yourself as hard as you can is one of the biggest game changers there is.  Because you are a Rockstar Goddess who can dig deep for the thing that’s most important.  Oh yes  you can.


Until next time my friend…
Be Bright,