Dirty Dozen circa 1995

Aren’t those old sayings something else?  Those words that your Mom or Grandma used to say that got dismissed as ridiculous, then as you move through life you realize it’s the opposite – they nailed it.  I’ve been thinking about one of them lately:

 There are friends for a reason, friends for a season and friends for all time.

 This is a good thing to keep in mind if you catch yourself judging your friendships.  Ya, I mean you.  And me.  Perhaps sometimes we dismiss the importance of people who come into our lives for a short time, not recognizing the value they offer in the context of our big life.As you know, social connection is vital to our well-being. (CLICK HERE for awesome research). The smarty-pants scientists, bless them, define it as ‘feeling you belong to a group and generally feel close to other people’.  They talk about the quality of the relationship but don’t necessarily mention longevity.  You can have a deeply meaningful, but short relationship.  This happened to me.  It’s probably happened many times but this one really sticks in my mind: I was chaperoning an event with another woman from our very small community.  It was a few days long and required a lot of crazy travel. I barely knew her at first but over the course of the event we shared everything with each other.  Our deepest secrets and hearts desires.  But then, much to my surprise, when we returned to our town we barely spoke again. It was the darnedest thing and left me quite bewildered.  However, once I wrapped my head around it I realized it was simply a gift.  We were together for a brief time and moved on.  There was no need to grasp for a different kind of relationship.  Some friendships are worth fighting for with all of your strength and others are meant to be balloons in the wind.  They are so very beautiful, they stir your soul,  then float away only to be held in your memory.Cherish all of your connections and give yourself permission to let go of the ones that are no longer serving you. Then call that friend that is worth fighting for.  Do not lose them.  Call right now!  And remember to pay attention to those old sayings.As always, until next time…Be Bright!