It was an epic adventure race…all the elites had been in for hours when the very last group dragged their weary selves through the finish.  They didn’t have the typical bodies of an endurance racer. It took them many more hours to finish than the others. Yet, they were the ones who got the standing ovation from the elite athletes.  Because they fully showed up.
I have been in a ton of sporty settings, everything from adventure racing (my husband, not me) to the gym and everything in between.  Guess who gets all the respect in any athletic endeavour?  The one who repeatedly shows up and tries.  It doesn’t matter if they are a sporty-type-person and it doesn’t matter how they look in their Lulu’s. It matters that they are there.
Man, the stories we tell ourselves.  Most of them untrue.  One I especially don’t like…”I’m not an athlete so I can’t/don’t exercise”.  That is crazy talk.  Crazy. Sweetie, don’t go there because getting a sweat on has nothing to do with ‘being athletic’, it’s all about showing up.
This is my good friend Bailey Yeats, Her story might sound like yours…she was active in high school then didn’t do much activity as an adult which, in part, led to a crisis.  Bailey started to change her life and two years ago started working out. Her life is totally different now, in fact she is very close to doing her first power lifting competition!  Bailey says when she joined her gym she found her tribe, her people.  I love this pic of Bailey that was taken during an event she was hosting.
Bailey and I are having a blast co-creating The Academy of Life (CLICK HERE to check it out) and can’t wait to send you some great videos about it soon. We’d love to have you join us.
Pay attention to the stories you tell yourself and don’t believe everything you think. If you feel you can’t exercise because you’re not a sporty person work on changing that because your life depends on it. I’m sure you are aware that sitting is the new smoking…meaning research shows that sitting all day has been shown to be as bad for your health as smoking.  Our bodies simply require movement.
Here is a little video about the main reason many women don’t want to exercise!  My apologies if you’ve already seen this one.
Why women don’t exercise!
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