Have you noticed yourself holding, holding, holding?  The holiday season can be filled with breath holding (until you feel you’ll explode?) or a lot of forceful exhalations (so you don’t actually explode?).  Here’s a super quick fix for the hyper-frazzle of December which comes from one of my mentors, Danielle Laport

Giving attention to yourself, that deep inner you, even if only momentarily will bring you some peace.  What do you need to do for yourself other than The List?  First you need to breathe, then you need to do whatever just popped into your head. Maybe your soul needs a tea-a sit- a think. Maybe you need to watch a great Christmas movie with intention, get yourself a pedi even though it’s winter, go to church to truly listen & absorb or call an old bestie for a quick, deep re-connect.

During this busy time please be sure to ‘put your soul on the calendar’ as LaPorte says.  We need you, Baby, so take time to tune in, if only for a moment.

Until next time…

Be Bright,