Every time I go to the grocery store I park in the same place.  I mean the same place for about 20 years. It’s just a habit I don’t even think about. Last week I got totally silly and parked on the other side of the store, I couldn’t even see the place where I usually park.  You know me, always living on the edge, haha!!  But here’s the thing – walking into the store I felt like I was on vacation because it felt SO different. I couldn’t believe it.

Before you go thinking that I’ve totally lost my marbles I want you to try this.  Do something new today.  It can be a really small thing like using your other hand to open the car door a few times.  Sleep on the other side of the bed.  Listen to an entire piece of classical music when you are actually an Ozzy Osborne lover.  What??!  You don’t know who Ozzy is?  His epic song Crazy Train is the song of my youth, the words of which are woven into the patchwork of my psyche.  The title alone likely explains why I wholeheartedly jumped right on the crazy train and have yet to get off.  Oops…I digress…I was talking about trying something new to shake things up.

Parking on the other side of your grocery store may sound ridiculous but it is not. Grooves get cut deep into our brain from the endless repetition of patterns, so habit can keep us imprisoned in ways we don’t even notice, which is why a very simple change can feel like you’ve been transported to a different life.  It quickly shifts your neural patterning.  Try doing a new thing every day for a week!  You may be shocked…things will begin to unstick themselves…you will actually feel different.  While you’re at it say this to yourself, “free me from rigid patterns that no longer serve me”, and actually mean it.

I’ve been changing it up a bit more dramatically than simply parking somewhere new – I stopped drinking alcohol, for forever.  Stoked, challenged, thrilled, proud, adulting and efforting (made those up!).  I am all of those things.  I quit for many different reasons, none of them complex.  Ultimately it was, at the risk of sounding cliche, so I can live my very best life as my greatest self, whatever that is. I’ll be sharing more about that in weeks to come if you’re interested.  In the meantime go forth Baby, and walk a different path to create a better you! Starting with the small steps is always what gets you where you want to go, every single time.

Just so you know, I LOVE that you are here with me.  Really.  Please share my stuff with your peeps, it would mean the world to me.

As always,
Until next time…
Be Bright,