Heads up that reading this may make you drink more – clearly, that is not my intent so I hope you carry on to the end!  A tad raw & very real is how this is feeling so heads up there’s a bit of swearing coming up. Recently my oldest friend in the world (we’ve been buddies for almost 50 years!) asked me a simple question, “what have you noticed has been the biggest change since you quit drinking?”   There was some food for thought, wow.

I physically quit drinking 5 months ago but it has been on my mental radar for much, much longer.  In the big picture what I feel about my sober life is happy, proud, strong, alert and mostly very clear.  But in the little picture of my daily life, I feel ripped off.  I am very tired almost all of the time which irritates the heck out of me. I mean it pisses me right off.  Really, Universe??!!  I did this grand and noble thing (this thought is totally a bunch of crap but it occasionally sneaks in, heads up that quitting drinking is neither grand or noble) I got rid of my beloved wine…so you owe me an excellent life now.  I ‘should’ not be so tired and frazzled now that I’m not drinking.  I am expecting a calm, zen-like life so where the hell is it?

Well here’s the thing Baby-Doll (this is me talking to myself)… when you quit drinking your life gets exposed.  We don’t consciously drink or eat or shop or watch porn online, or whatever your thing is, to bury ourselves but that’s exactly what happens.  Year after year a little more shit in the form of crazy-busy-life-so-I’ll-relax-with-wine-and-then-the-next-day-I’m-too-tired-to-think-about-it-and-take-action-to-move-my-life-forward.  That kind of shit.  Strip away the wine and what are you looking at?  A GREAT BIG PILE which you cannot ignore.  It can feel very scary.  But the thing is you can’t ignore your real life whether you drink or don’t drink, it’s just much messier & harder with alcohol. If you were tired of wine you’re going to be tired without wine until you fix whatever is making you tired.  If you were overweight with booze you’re going to be overweight without booze until you fix it.  If you were broke before you’ll be broke after until you fix it.  Life is going to stare you down Darling, no matter what.

The difference with living life sober is you have the clarity to deal with it and, believe me, this is a monumentally huge difference. It’s the Big Kahuna.  Having the clarity to see and fix what isn’t working in your life is a truly amazing feeling.  I might be tired but I know that feeling isn’t going to last, my body is healing.  What is now permanent in my life is the ability to see with greater ease, then take action in any way I choose instead of feeling trapped.  I am free.  Freedom! It was one of the driving forces that propelled me to stop drinking in the first place.  Before I quit I got very clear on why I was doing it and one of my biggest reasons was that I wanted to be free.  Now I am.  This freedom was achieved the moment I stopped drinking for real.  Heck ya, I’m tired right now but I know it’s not going to last. What will be around for the rest of my life is the gift of liberty I have given myself.  Wahoo!  It’s waiting for you too. Freedom from the slavery of craving & letting yourself down.  Release from wanting to find the liquor store every time you go to a new town and only eating at restaurants that are licensed to serve booze.  No longer forgetting stuff.  Freedom from waking up feeling like shit. You will have the privilege to choose, I promise.

What to do right now?  Declare it.  Write it down, say it out loud, tell someone else…do whatever you can to proclaim that you are getting ready to change and why.  Start to own it, revisit that declaration every single day until get excited about it.  What?  How can you possibly get excited about never drinking again?  Believe me, you can because it is a much greater way to live.  State it, own it and get ready to be released from the slavery of booze.  Onward you Beautiful Soul, we’ve got this…together.  Oh, and please share.  It helps me a lot.

If you’re ready to grab a FREE copy of my best tips to start to explore your relationship with alcohol click on the link at the top of this page! These simple ideas started me on the road to happily living alcohol-free, even when I never would’ve believed it could happen. xoxo Donna




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