Life.  It happens and sometimes it’s very hard.  It might even require one to put everything on hold which is exactly what happened to me the last few months as I’ve been working through a family loss.  Tough stuff with a lot of learning, and yet I did not drink. 


The journey of caring for someone at the end of their life and everything that went with it was simultaneously electrifying and exhausting. The word electrifying comes to mind because I was galvanized to action and presence in a way that just doesn’t happen in regular life. I was stripped bare of many preconceived notions and felt like I was being hit with a prettybig life lesson every day…for months. And yet I did not drink.


So, if you’re here with me I think it means you’re curious about living a life without booze. You wonder how I did it or why? During this time in my life I felt gratitude.  I thought about alcohol a lot and almostevery thought was centered  aroundthankfulness that I wasn’t drinking during this yucky time.   The journey would have been very different had I eased the stress with my beloved wine. 


Instead I felt…


  • No brain fog – I was very clear on what was happening the whole time which  enabled me to be of service when I was needed;
  • I was fully present at all times which, I think,  was a gift to myself & my family;
  • The exhaustion I felt would have been significantly  worse had wine been involved;
  • I remained healthy the whole time which allowed me all of the above;
  • I was not a basket case while my Dad was dying – alcohol would’ve definitely increased my vulnerability and not in a good way. Being vulnerable is very important but is best done with clarity and presence.



Dearest, if you’re contemplating living a lifewithout alcohol, but can’t see how you can make it through those stressful times that inevitably happen, know that you can do it. If I can, you can!  I urge you to start paying attention to how you navigate those times WITH alcohol. Notice your clarity and energy level. Ask yourself if you are fully present the next morning after you drowned your sorrows with a bottle of wine? Start to pay attention to see if it’s working for you or against you.


The challenges of recent months have given me renewed focus on how I want to spend my life. It has been an awesome outcome of all the crap!  Stay tuned for an upcoming blog on my discoveries… but what I want you to know is I have decided to combine my two platforms.  Sparkling Sobriety and Dr. Donna are now both going to be published under Dr. Donna.  I will continue to send you stories about my journey as well as tips to move your own life forward.  You are the reason I do this work and I am so grateful you’re here.


Until next time Sweetie…..


Much love,