Right this second, if you’re feeling like you have a very big hill to climb, sit still.  If your mood is pretty low because you’re in holiday recovery mode, sit still.  You don’t have to be overwhelmed Sweetie, because you can always see the first step.  Wherever you are right now there is A STEP you can take in the right direction.  When you take this very first step you will feel:






In control of your own life


More ready to change than you are right now




Excited & energized.


Starting a new year can be a vulnerable time. Really, it’s a load of crap because it’s simply a tick of the clock hand as it crosses the line!  Nothing is different except the pressure we put on ourselves to change.  Dear One, I beg you to release all of that.  Let go of the expectations you’ve created for yourself to become a different, ‘better’ person. You are perfect right now and it’s possible to be perfect and want to change at the same time. All you need to focus on right now is taking the first step. Today and tomorrow just do that one little thing and don’t worry about all the rest.  Stay solid on that until you feel OK about it. How do you know when you’re good?  When you feel the feels I listed above. (Hasn’t our language changed a lot over the years?  I say feel the feels and you likely know exactly what I mean!  Crazy.  But I digress.)  You are not, necessarily, going to feel these things immediately so keep showing up and doing that ONE little thing until they do.



I’m taking a first step.  Sitting in the hospital with my Dad, the last part of the year, was very tricky for my eating habits. HAHAHA, that’s a massive understatement! So I have a very long road ahead which just began with a couple simple steps. As much as I want to feel better immediately I know that’s impossible because I need to retrain my brain (again), ditch the cravings and heal my gut which is a process.


Here are a few tips I hope you find helpful:


  1. Ditch the guilt about whatever you did over the holidays and recognize you are a beautiful and amazing person.  You are not what you drank.  You are not those extra pounds. You are not that utter exhaustion. You are not the fight you had with your sister.  You ARE the being inside who is noticing all those things.  That might cause you to do some eye-rolling and sound cliche but give yourself a break! It helps me when someone tells me this stuff – occasionally it actually sinks in.  So I’m hoping this time you will hear me. You’re good OK?! You’re good.


  • Start to work on your mindset.  If there is a change you truly want to make in your life it will require you to reconsider the way you think and change your beliefs.  This is necessary to alter the pathways in your brain.  It takes consistent effort and is highly effective.  You can learn more about it in this blog or if you want a deep dive check out my course that’s geared specifically toward changing your mindset around alcohol here.


  • Create a realistic plan. It can be black and white – like I’ve given myself 4 months to heal and have a weekly breakdown of what I need to do – or loosey-goosey depending on what works best for you. (A very important tip is to KNOW what works best for you.  There’s no use locking yourself into a concrete timeline when it makes you feel constricted because you won’t do it.) Once you know the road you want to travel & where you’re going then take a first little step and release the pressure you’ve put on yourself.


This can be a breathtaking time! I use that word because we feel overwhelmed, vulnerable and excited all at once and that’s where the magic lives.  The spark lies in taking the next right step today.  And again tomorrow.


Thanks for being here, I appreciate it! 


Until next time,