Do you feel like you’re veering into the wrong lane of the health highway you started down at the beginning of the year? If so, read on Dear One, because now is about the time we start to shift off the road that’s paved with good intentions. I want to offer you a few quick tips that may help you stick with your plan:

1. Believe you can change. Believe. Oh I know that’s one of those concepts that can seem airy fairy but it’s a foundational truth that you must believe in your ability to pull this off in order to be successful. Believe, even if it’s just a teensy bit. If you feel yourself starting to waver into uncertainty try two things…first acknowledge that it’s hard. Change can be tough and things may get messy before you see progress. Own that Baby. It’s not easy to overhaul something in your life. Then, find someone else who has achieved the thing you’re trying to do and join their group, read their stuff, follow their work, watch their videos. Immerse yourself in it so you start to understand that it’s entirely possible to do this thing, there are steps you can take. You have living proof because someone else did it. Sweetie, you CAN do it. I know its grey and doldrumy and hard to find your mojo but you have done hard things before and you can do this too. Pick up your socks, tighten your scrunchie and rock on. Step one – do not give up.

2. Picture yourself having already accomplished the thing. This is not some new-agey, gobbledy-gook but rather is based on a ton of really cool research that has come out in the last few years about the unconscious brain. Your unconscious brain is the part of you that doesn’t think but is running the show in the background all the time without you knowing. Here’s where it gets tricky because your beliefs are mostly created by your UC brain. Whoa, this is big! (Too big for this blog which is why I have a whole course on it.) You did not necessarily choose all of your beliefs, so in your quest for change you need to examine and question them because they may not be serving you. Heck, they may not even be true! Get that? What you believe about yourself and life may actually not be true but you believe it anyway! Notice the thoughts that pop up in your head and ask yourself if they are in fact, true. Start to pay attention to how you feel when you picture your wonderful new self or whatever your goal is. Ask yourself if your doubts are based on fact?

When you consciously pay attention to your beliefs, and the perspective you hold of yourself, is when you can change it. This is why you may be starting to slide in your desire to create change in your life – without examination of your underlying beliefs you will usually go back to your old behavior. The author Annie Grace says this is like putting wallpaper on a wall that has a ton of mold just under the plaster, it’s not going to last. Questioning your beliefs and reprogramming your unconscious brain to have a different perception of yourself requires active work. When you consistently do this, with a deep desire for a different outcome, you will start to notice a shift. It’s like really cool magic that takes a heck of a lot of work and is extremely rewarding.

3. My last tip is for you if you have a goal to lose a little weight after the holidays. Maybe you started the year strong but feel yourself starting to slip. Heads up this hack is something I made up and is based on absolutely no scientific research! Wear your jeans. Simple. Wear pants that are not stretchy, black yoga pants. Something with a zipper and button! I find this can be an effective, gentle reminder of how to stay in the right lane. Jeans with stretch in them are ok but they must require doing up – not simply pulling up. Wearing black yoga pants all day, every day only works if you are a fitness professional who needs them for work. When they are the wardrobe go-to for non-fitness instructors they may be a sure fire way to gain weight. Pants with a waistband may be a reminder that you’ve gained a few pounds, the waistband is tighter than it was a few months ago which may indicate to you that maybe you should drink water instead of the caramel latte. It’s the easiest health hack there is! To be clear, I am a huge fan of lycra & technical fabric. I am totally in favor of women wearing their work out clothes to the grocery store (this was recently a debate in my small town when someone publicly shamed the women who wore their workout clothes to the store, claiming it was inappropriate…gotta love small town living!). You should wear your stretchies anywhere, especially when you want to slip into something more comfortable to signal your brain to relax. But if you find yourself wearing them the majority of the time keep in mind they can be deceiving and may contribute to slippage in the health department!

Here’s the thing…there is a light in you that our world needs so you must keep going. Whatever it is that you want is awesome and doable, so go do it. Thanks for being here, it means so much. Until next time… Be Bright,