Once upon a time there was a hard partying, fun loving, non-academic (in her mind) paralegal-turned -waitress who decided to go into the health sciences to become a Chiropractor. This was a pretty bizarre decision but, thankfully, she didn’t know it at the time. The Girl didn’t seem to realize that it was a pretty big leap from being a waitress to a health care professional & she kept having the thought ‘if I could do anything at all what would it be?’ She got to a place where she wanted this more than any other thing so made a commitment to herself to do it one way or another. It was a massive undertaking which took many years of her life, required countless sacrifices and was, quite frankly, a pretty big deal.

The Girl enrolled in adult high school in her twenties in the SUMMER! After that she realized the fun-loving, party lifestyle that she excelled at was not conducive to the sciences and buckling down like a grown up, so she moved to a different city to do her pre-med courses -fresh start and all that. For many years the Girl sweated and doubted, she cried countless tears, her brain hurt from working so hard, she had no social life. She struggled at first to get the hang of school, exams & so much studying but she got better and better with practice. The Girl kept plugging away, never giving up on her commitment to herself to become a Chiropractor. She walked the stage at her graduation, receiving many awards including the one she wanted most. The Girl was so damn proud of herself for showing up in every way and achieving the dream. Decades later she is still thankful for the most fulfilling career she could ever hope for.

Did the Girl continue to show up 100% in her own life day in & day out, just like she did when she was becoming a Chiropractor? No. No she did not! Many times she said she was going to do something and didn’t, or started then stopped. Over and over in different trivial ways she stopped committing fully in her own life. She blamed being busy or her family, she blamed the situation or exhaustion or whatever. The Girl noticed a slow, gradual erosion of her well-being but continued to let herself down every day and it just didn’t seem like a big deal. Things like sometimes being late for her friends, having another drink when she said she wouldn’t, grabbing a chocolate bar when she was trying to quit, telling herself she was too tired to go to the gym again, bailing on her people with a flimsy excuse, starting a project but not finishing. Seemingly little things here and there that were starting to add up…it all was looking great on the outside but she knew physically, spiritually, mentally & emotionally that things were kinda not right. She realized she was on a slow & slippery downhill slope and something HAD to change…she needed to commit to her higher, greater self in a big way. So the Girl chose the biggest barrier in her life (wine), figuring if she quit drinking then many other things would shift. And they did! Jumping the biggest hurdle taught the Girl many lessons, one of the biggest is about the importance of showing up fully in her own life.

The moral of the story is we need to look at where we are letting ourselves down. Not showing up for those everyday little things you said you were going to do sets your brain up to expect you to bail. Your deep, inner self recognizes you as a quitter which makes it much harder to do the big things you’re yearning for. (Warning however, that it’s important to know which little things are most important cause you can’t do all of them!) Committing to yourself should be the most important thing in your life! If you want to implement the steps I used to stop drinking you can check out the course I created at drdonnaseminars@teachablecom. Start to create the habit with the little things so your soul knows you mean business with the big stuff. You got this Baby, cause you’re awesome!

Until next time,
Be Bright!