It was an intense day filled with challenging stuff. I wasn’t looking forward to it, to say the least. I had every minute of my morning planned so I would arrive on time & bring my calm, kick-ass self! Then, then, then… I was required to clean up a small mess on my carpet my cat had made. But the Queen of Stain Removal had trouble with this one and it took forever. Very stressed, very frazzled, off I went to begin my difficult day and you can imagine how it went from there.

Interestingly, the week before I had begun a course about surrender (you can check it out here), so naturally in that moment, right there scrubbing pet mess, I was being called to go with the flow. And I didn’t like it one bit. This seems to be a universal law…the law that whatever you need to learn shows up in your life most often when we don’t want it to. Have you noticed that? You attend a course to strengthen your marriage and have a big argument with your lover. You finally make it to the retreat of your dreams and all your aches and pains suddenly are much worse. You read a book about money and lose a load in the market the next week. This is normal.



I’ve seen this happen so many times it no longer surprises me (doesn’t mean I enjoy it though). So I thought I’d share a few ideas with you so next time it happens you don’t think you’re going crazy:

1. A flare up of crap is typical. You are not bonkers, nor is it happening only to you. I believe this is a natural effect of anyone looking to change or up level their life.

2. Perhaps the degree of discomfort may be relative to how invested you are in change, i.e.: you start the course but aren’t truly ready to put in the effort that’s required. Because you’re not putting your attention and energy into it you may not notice much of a ripple. No work = no change. Therefore, you can take comfort (???) that when all hell is breaking loose you are likely close to a breakthrough.

However I’ve seen the exact opposite of this play out as well – life dishes out what you need to see, repetitively, until you pay attention. So sometimes the unpleasantness has nothing to do with how badly you want to change but rather how much you NEED it. No one ever said adulting would always be a good time or easy to figure out!

3. Ride the wave and it will take you to shore. I realize this sounds so lame and is very hard to do when you’re in the thick of things feeling hard and painful. We so badly want it to be different. It comes down to the surrendering I’m learning about. Show up, do your work and let nature take its course.

4. You can do this! You will come out on the other side of this issue stronger and with more information and really, that’s what it’s all about – constantly learning about ourselves so we can show up fully.

Thank you for being here. Until next time,

Be Bright,