I’ve worn make up since I was old enough to give it a try, dyed my hair for decades and like to get my nails done professionally.  So, you know how all that is working for me right now! The current break from it has given me a chance to think about why I choose to do this stuff and what I want moving forward.

Corporate marketing, the really big guns, are gearing up to help us return to ‘normal’.  They will pull at our heartstrings in an unprecedented way because our lives are in turmoil& we feel vulnerable.McDonalds will restore us.  Coca Cola will teach the world to sing again and the upcoming marketing impact of the beauty industry will be extraordinary. Get ready Sweetie, they are coming for your soul.

The Marketing Machine targets our emotions and makes us act through our subconscious mind, the part of our brain that responds without thinking. I saw this firsthand when I was getting ready to stop drinking wine as I began to notice the extrememarketing of wine to women.It’s there on a very deep levelbut we rarely pay attention with our thinking brain.We will all ‘feel better & return to normal’ when the pandemic is over – all we must do is buy some stuff from the Big Guys. That is what we will be told. We will believe it because a) we desperately want it to be true and b) it will register be below our conscious thinking mind.

These issues are not unrelated.  Whether you dye your hair or not there is likely some part of you that isn’t feeling normal these days. In your longing to return to your self act with intention. Rather than having Big Biz marketers decide how to move back into your life YOU should determine that.  With deliberation.  How do you plan to move forward in the coming months and why?

Perhaps consider these tips as you head out into the NewWorld with your wallet:

  1. Be aware the biggest corporate marketing push in the history of humanity (dramatic but true) is on its way and you won’t even notice that you’re a target.
  2. Use your thinking mind to figure out what’s truly important to you and where you’re going to put your time and money.
  3. Once you know what you want, ask yourself why.
  4. MOST IMPORTANT TIP: no matter where you live shop local shops, home biz & restaurants as much as possible, those businesses are where the heart is. We need them and they need us.

After a lot of consideration, I have decided I will not be joining my gorgeous grey Sisters, for now. I dye my hair because it makes me feel good and I like it. But I plan to work hard to make my spending decisions with more conscious thought.

See you on the other side Dear One, we’ve got this!!