I wanted to send you a quick smooch from across the cyberwaves! Depending where you live things may be shutting down and looking grim like they are in my community. It’s tough stuff we’re dealing with so Dearest please keep in mind that we can do hard things and everyone is dealing with something, or many somethings.

There’s been a lot of bigheavysigh’s happening the past year as we are required to work from home, homeschool kids and miss out on ALL the fun stuff. Did you know that sighing is a natural reflex designed to decrease stress?

I would like to offer an alternative to the big heavy sigh – it’s called the physiological sigh and is proven to decrease stress in your body immediately. You can check out this great article from Stanford with the amazing Dr Huberman (I love this guy) if you want to learn more. This simple action will alter your physiological stress response in real time, which may come in extra handy these days. It can be done behind a mask, or any time, to help you feel better and no one even knows you’re doing it – unlike the big heavy sigh where you walk around sounding like a victim or a martyr (or maybe that’s just me?).

Here’s how you do a physiological sigh: take a very big breath in (ideally through the nose but doesn’t have to be), then take another breath in followed by a long exhale through the mouth. It’s a total gamechanger that works!

Remember Darling, you’re awesome so always,

Be Bright