You know how it is when you just know? You get a shot of clear guidance from your inner self – even if you’re not really looking for it. Your own special Bad Ass Babe is stepping up to get your attention! You can think about something and do all the pondering you want but sometimes the path still isn’t clear…then suddenly it is. Or the opposite happens when the answer to the question you didn’t know you had suddenly appears.

We all access direction from our deepest inner self differently. There is no right way but it is quite helpful to know YOUR way. You don’t want to miss it when it happens because that particular insight may not come knocking again.

My inner Hot Stuff seems to zap me with a sudden knowing. It took years to recognize it and experience has taught me to pay close attention. A thought will randomly appear in my mind, but it’s charged with a different level of importance. It will be something like I need to do this, or those words are meant for me or I need to go this way. These super charged thoughts send me in a direction I would rarely choose with my own thinking mind and often my first reaction is dismay!

One time I was sitting in my early morning contemplation and the random thought dropped in that I needed to ask a particular person to videotape the presentation I was doing at a retreat. I was horrified at the idea and if you would’ve been there you may have seen me actually arguing with myself, sitting alone on my couch saying, ‘no way!’. I mean, who likes to see a video of their own presentation, never mind asking someone you hardly know? But making that call definitely turned out to be the next right step for me.

But not everyone gets zapped like that…

some know from the charts or spreadsheets

some know from the books or cards

some know from the teacher or the preacher

some know from the voice or the music

some know from the dream

some know from the science

some know from the light

some know from the synchronous situation aka: coincidence

(some think they know from the internet)

but what you truly, deeply know is an inside job.

The blessing of deep insight cannot be forced, it seems impossible to ‘work it’. We can only do our best to lay fertile ground within and give that knowing somewhere sacred to land when the time is right.Nor can we unlearn what we know, believe me I’ve tried. It may take moments, or it may take years to absorb or act on some inner wisdom. When we do, no matter how hard it is, we will be guided to the next right step.

Until next time

Be bright,