Better life academy


The Busy Woman’s BETTER Life Academy

A powerful 5 week course offering strategies for better living!

Grow, Learn, Accept, Balance, Choose, Thrive

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An online program beginning  January 15 2018

I have organized this 5 part series on living well to be as personal as I can. My intention is to speak to you as if we were hanging in your living room, drinking coffee and talking about our lives. I will guide you to establish what is truly important to you and how to implement change making steps so they become a concrete part of your life. A life where you are living to your fullest potential and aging in a vibrant, healthy way.

Each week you will receive a series of videos and self reflective exercises. We will be expanding your understanding of:

  • Balance what it’s all about for YOU, some stuff needs your attention and some doesn’t, we are going to figure that out;
  • Steps to get out of overwhelm;
  • What’s your ‘stuff’ & what’s not, learn to recognize when it’s not your issue;
  • Honoring your physical self; it’s vitally important, we’ll be talking food, drink, exercise;
  • The past; if it’s holding you Baby, it must go;
  • How to get out of a bad mood (always helpful when you want a BETTER life!);
  • Time management; there will be time for YOU and time to get stuff done;

The format of the Academy will be:

    • You will receive numerous lessons each week in the form of a video delivered via our private FB group, you can access them at your convenience.
    • Reflective ‘fun homework’ exercises that build on the class info;
    • Entrance into our private FB community;
    • A live webinar format seminar and chance to connect with Dr. Donna in person;

Your BETTER life is just around the corner so don’t miss this amazing opportunity!

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