Dr Donna’s Private Wellness Community

a living room discussion to help you grow & flourish

Join me in this month-long series that will guide you to sharpen your resilience skills, establish change making steps and gain clarity about the real YOU. You will learn to develop solid tools to create a life where you are living to your fullest potential and aging in a vibrant, healthy way. We will be sitting together, online – in your living room – talking about things that are truly important to us.

I am committed to being fully present in this private group to offer you ideas and support. Here’s what you get:

  • a private, nurturing community aimed solely at helping you grow into your best self,
  • a weekly live, interactive FB Live presentation where I will present a concept for you to contemplate. Please note that this will be recorded so you do not have to be available to watch it at the scheduled time,
  • pre-recorded videos for you to watch at your convenience. Designed to get you thinking, these videos will provide you with tools for growth,
  • weekly self-reflective exercises in the form of downloadable pdf’s’
  • 50% off my upcoming online program The Middle-Aged Woman’s Guide to Survival that you will have lifetime access to.Social connection has been shown in the medical research to be a cornerstone of wellness. Being part of a community, like the one I’m creating, is an excellent way to foster kinship while in isolation. I have found online communities to be invaluable to help me make excellent changes in my life, helping me to feel supportive and ‘seen’.

While I feel engagement is extremely helpful to develop a nurturing community please know that it is not a requirement of this program. You will be under no obligation to comment or post to the group – but know that if you do your input will be met with blessings & love only. No negative vibes allowed in this place! We want you here.

the 4 week program begins May 1

Invest in yourself for $50